Coming Out Conservative

For the most part, conservatives are quiet and discreet. And I am no exception to that. I have not been very vocal about my political views.

With the intent to remain peaceful and not stir up conflict, I have felt that I should keep my opinions to myself.

It has also been out of fear that I’ve been quiet about my views:

Social media is also something I have not fully participated in. For some of the same reasons listed above, but mostly due to personal preference rather than for political reasons. I’m very calculating about what I say in written form, so it takes a lot of time and effort for me to communicate on social media. Plus social media can be very addictive and that’s something I want to be careful about.

So, all of this has kept me in the background, off the radar, subdued and quiet.

But, I have decided that I’m no longer going to be quiet. And I will share my views with those that are open to having civil dialog.


My name is John Wilson,
I am a Conservative Republican.
And proud of it.